Dance Workshops

Ranóg Townsend & Karen Tansey
Citymoves Triplekirks
Sean Nós Dance
All Levels

Learn traditional Sean Nós steps from dancers Ranóg Townsend from Co. Kerry and Karen Tansey from Co. Sligo. ‘Sean Nós’, meaning old style, is an older style of the traditional form of Irish dancing. It is a relaxed and casual dance form and style is individual to each dancer.

Pat Ballantyne
Citymoves Triplekirks
Steps of Dance Master Francis Peacock
Level 2/3

Pat has learned from some of the best living step dancers and has performed in Scotland, Europe, and Cape Breton Island. In this workshop she will be teaching some of the steps of the eighteenth-century dancing master, Francis Peacock.


Aberdeenshire Workshops

Shelly Campbell & John Pellerin
Fraserburgh – Dalrymple Hall
Cape Breton Fiddle & Step Dance
Level 2/3

Join Shelly and John in exploring Cape Breton’s rich music and dance fusion with toe-tapping tunes, perfect for dance.  

Late Night Dance

Late Night Dance
The Lemon Tree Studio
Dances from Scotland and Ireland

NAFCo isn’t just about fiddles! Try your hand (and feet) at a variety of set dances and couple dances from a range of cultures represented at NAFCo 2018. Everyone is welcome, and our callers will lead you through the steps. No experience necessary!

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23-26 June 2021