Dance Workshops

John Pellerin
Citymoves Triplekirks
Cape Breton Step Dance
All Levels

John has plenty of experience as both a dancer and fiddler, starting to dance at the age of four. With deep roots in the Cape Bretton tradition, John will be sharing some of his vast knowledge of step dance with you.


Come & Try Galician Dancing
Citymoves Triplekirks
All Levels

A great opportunity to try out a different form of dance, rooted in Galician culture.

Pat Ballantyne
St Andrew's Cathedral Dance Studio
Introduction to Step Dance
Level 1

New to step dancing and want to learn a few steps? This workshop is the perfect introduction to Cape Breton step dancing from Pat.


Nic Gareiss
Citymove Triplekirks
American Percussive Dance
All Levels

Drawing on a myriad of traditional percussive dance styles from Ireland, Appalachia, and Quebec, this class explores the sheer musical potential of your feet. Using improvisation, idiomatic ornaments, and shoe textures, we'll construct phrases of foot rhythm imitating bowing and fiddle tune repertoire.

Late Night Dance

The Lemon Tree Studio
Dances from England and Nova Scotia

NAFCo isn’t just about fiddles! Try your hand (and feet) at a variety of set dances and couple dances from a range of cultures represented at NAFCo 2018. Everyone is welcome, and our callers will lead you through the steps. No experience necessary!

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23-26 June 2021