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Nic Gareiss with Brittany Haas
Citymoves Triplekirks
Percussive Dance
All levels

pastingDrawing on a myriad of traditional percussive dance styles from Ireland, Appalachia, and Quebec, this class explores the sheer musical potential of your feet. Using improvisation, idiomatic ornaments, and shoe textures, we’ll construct phrases of foot rhythm imitating bowing and fiddle tune repertoire in collaboration with Brittany Haas.

Introduction to Ceilidh Dancing
St. Margaret's Church Hall
All levels

This is a great introductory workshop to Scottish Ceilidh dances. Swat up on your dances for all those summer weddings and our afternoon family ceilidh! No partner required – it’s a great way to make new friends!


Mats Melin (Hebridean solo dances)
Citymoves Triplekirks
Hebridean solo dances
Level 1/2

Stockholm-born dancer, choreographer, and researcher, Mats has a wealth of knowledge of traditional dances from Scotland, Ireland and Sweden. In this workshop he will teach two Hebridean solo dances, the First of August and Aberdonian Lassie, which Mats learnt in Barra and South Uist.

Mats Nilsson & Ingegerd Sigfridsson
Anatomy Rooms Dance Space
(Swedish Dance)
All levels

This workshop on Swedish dance will give you a flavour of Scandinavian traditions – whirling polskas and hambos.


Ranog Townsend & Karen Tansey
Citymoves Triplekirks
Sean Nós Dance
All levels

Learn traditional Sean Nós steps from dancers Ranóg Townsend from Co. Kerry and Karen Tansey from Co. Sligo. ‘Sean Nós’, meaning old style, is an older style of the traditional form of Irish dancing. It is a relaxed and casual dance form and style is individual to each dancer.

Toby Bennett with Music from carolyn Francis & Scott Hartley
Anatomy Rooms Dance Space
English Step/Clog Dancing

pastingA look at some steps collected in the north of England, primarily Lakeland Hornpipe steps from Cumbria. Lakeland steps were taught by travelling dancing masters and have likely connections with other dancing master traditions. Hard shoes or step dancing clogs recommended.

Family Ceilidh

14:30–16:30 St Margaret's Church Hall, Aberdeen

Come with family and friends to dance well-known Scottish ceilidh dances. All the dances will be called and there will be easier circle dances for the littler ones. A fun introduction to sociable dancing for all ages, with live music.

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23-26 June 2021