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Come & Try Highland Dancing
Citymoves Triplekirks
Level 1

A great introduction to Highland dancing. No previous experience necessary. Please bring soft-soled dance shoes if you have them.

Toby Bennett with Music from Scott Harley
Citymoves Triplekirks
English Step/Clog
Level 2/3

A look at some steps collected in the north of England, primarily Lakeland Hornpipe steps from Cumbria. The workshop will also look at other styles such as competition steps collected from North-East England danced to a dotted hornpipe rhythm. Suitable for those with some step dance experience. Hard-soled shoes or step dancing clogs.

Mats Melin
Citymoves Triplekirks
Dannsa nan Flurs
Level 1/2

Stockholm-born researcher, dancer and choreographer Mats, has a wealth of knowledge of traditional dances from around the North Atlantic. In this workshop he will teach, Dannsa nan Flurs, a Cape Breton set solo step dance, which he will also be presenting about at the symposium.

Late Night Dance

Dances from Galicia and Sweden
The Lemon Tree Studio
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Try your hand (and feet) at a variety of set dances and couple dances from a range of cultures represented at NAFCo 2018. Everyone is welcome, and our callers will lead you through the steps. No experience necessary!

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23-26 June 2021